The Uzi Weapon System
We manufacture over 20 Uzi™ parts.

Legally qualified individuals can buy firearms and receivers, but only your FFL can receive shipment. Complete our FFL form as part of your purchase.

McKay Manufactured Uzi™ Parts

Uzi Bayonet Lug for Receiver

Uzi Semi Auto Receiver – Fully Welded

Uzi Bolt Firing Pin

UZI 25-Round IMI Defense Magazine

Uzi Semi Auto Receiver Shell

Uzi Receiver Flat

Uzi End Cap for Receiver

Uzi 16″ Barrel

Uzi Bolt Firing Pin Assembly

Uzi Bolt Firing Pin Catch & Spring

Uzi Bolt Firing Pin Spring

Uzi Feed Ramp for Receiver

Uzi Front Trunnion


UZI ejector for standard or mini

Uzi Grip Frame Lug for Receiver

Uzi Handguard Rear Stud for Receiver

Uzi Receiver Weld-up Parts Kit

Uzi Semi Auto Bolt Assembly

Uzi Semi-Auto Blocking Bar for Receiver



UZI Type Pistol Barrel

History of the Uzi™ – Uziel Gal designed this submachine gun in 1948 while still a captain in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It was put into production and included as an official IDF weapon system in 1951. Three years later it became the weapon of choice as a personal defense weapon in the rear-echelon and some front-line specialists. Over the years there have been multiple modifications and upgrades and was exported to over 90 countries. It remains one of the most widely sold submachine guns ever and remained a principle weapon system until 2003 when the IDF switched to the Macro Tavor.
How we fit into the market. McKay Enterprises has a long history of working on weapon systems, including the Uzi™, Gilboa Rifle, and recently the CornerShot. We are fully licensed to manufacture and sell all of these weapons systems within the guidelines of international governance, the US State Department, and ATF. Our precision line of manufactured Uzi parts has earned us a reputation as the go-to supplier for anyone still using the Uzi as a personal protection device (professionals) and range enthusiasts alike