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M16A1 Colt Trigger

M16A1 Colt Hammer & Spring

M16A1 Colt full-auto selector

AK47 Fixed Stock 7.62 Receiver Flat

AK47 Receiver SA85 AKM Hungarian / Polish

Remington Brand 870 stocks

McKay Enterprises Logo Sport Shirt

McKay Enterprises Logo Cap

Makarov Pistol Grip

M16A1 Colt Upper Butt Stock Screw

AK47 Receiver SA85 AKM Hungarian or Polish Underfolder

AK74 Receiver

AR-15-A2 Lower Receiver

AR15 7.62 x 39 30rd Parkerized Magazine

Colt M16A1 Parts Kit

DPMS AR15 .750″ Standard Front Sight Base

DPMS AR15 .750″ Standard Front Sight Base – No Bayonet Lug

DPMS Muzzle Brake Miculek 1/2″ – 28 Thread 5.56 Steel Parkerized


Gun Cleaning Patches / Gun Cleaning Swabs

M16 A1 Replacement Barrel – Needs Extension

M16 Colt 30 Round Magazines

M16/AR15/M4 Field Cleaning Kit

M16A1 Colt Fire Control Set

M16A1 Colt full-auto Disconnector

AK74 Fixed Stock 5.45 Receiver Flat

M16A1 XM Grey Lower Receiver

Thompson M1a1 bolt. Stripped in new condition

Thompson 1928 Frame

Thompson 1928 Frame – Parkerized

Thompson M1A1 Parkerized Frame