About McKay Enterprises

We Earned Our Reputation Among Weapon Systems Manufacturers Through Hard Work and Precision.

McKay Enterprises, LLC began in response to the large quantity of low quality and inferior receivers and products that years ago dominated the market. We saw the need for higher quality components and used aerospace companies’ services to manufacture these components to a significantly higher degree of precision. Today, we have expanded our reach to include procurement for aviation, naval, local, state, federal governments, and emergency services and special projects for the US and friendly foreign governments.

We manufacture in-house or use contacted associates within our network to support governments worldwide. We offer a broad array of military parts and accessories that our customers can access with a simple phone call through worldwide contacts.
Because of our volume, we offer better quality at a highly competitive price point.

McKay Enterprises has 30 years of experience in the worldwide firearms and military equipment trade. We provide unique solutions, including consultation, design, procurement, manufacturing and provisioning for Governments across the globe and US DOD projects.

McKay Enterprises, LLC, is a US Small Business entity that owns the designs/drawings and tooling for numerous foreign weapons and foreign weapon components. We use multiple contract manufacturers for production and have both in-stock and immediate access/availability to acquire and supply accessories for a wide variety of foreign weapon systems. We offer single-point access to worldwide stocks of fully-tailored solutions designed to meet weapon system requirements.

Quality control and inspection are handled by the respective contractor with oversight by McKay management. Some foreign weapon variants are manufactured and assembled outside the US. McKay Enterprises provides access to acquire weapons systems through worldwide contacts in an existing and robust import/export network. Where necessary, McKay Enterprises can modify weapons systems to make them ATF compliant firearms.

For many years, McKay Enterprises has provided innovative solutions for the firearms industry, including unique armorer’s support and tool kits for various imported and US weapon systems. McKay Enterprise also accessorizes weapons with original or customized parts at tighter tolerance specifications, including custom rails, night scopes, and sighting device mounts. We can apply customized foreign military markings for select and approved US and international military customers and provide options for “aging” weapons if battle-worn appearance. McKay Enterprises can provide cleansing of markings for qualified classified and covert military customer operational requirements.